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Recently, the staff at JR's were informed that we would be attending a COR certification course, as a requirement for our work.  After arriving at our town shop, we were transported via company vehicles -much to our surprise- to Edmonton.  We pulled into a parking lot, for what we believed was to wait up for one of the trucks who had been delayed by city traffic; we were so surprised when we were told we had arrived, and in honor of Employee Appreciation Day, Speeders was our destination!


Speeders is a corporation whose mission is to build bonds by bringing -as in our case- co-workers together through the sport of racing. Yes, you read that right, THE SPORT OF RACING! The prokarts we drove are unique and a first of their kind which can go up to 70km/hr!  At the indoor go-kart racetrack, aka "Course", we were pleased to enjoy an authentic European style F1 race experience.  It turned out in this case, that our "COR" course really stood for" Certificate Of Racing".

Everyone involved had a great time.  In-between races we hung out in the conference room playing video games, eating and comparing our scores.  From the perspective of the average worker; it is very satisfying to get approval for what you've been doing every day.  We all agreed: Employee Appreciation Day was a success. It gave us the view of the bigger picture and appreciation for our exceptional team of colleagues.  Though, to this day, the general opinion around the shop is that "all business and work-related scenarios aside, this event has proved, our bosses are very sneaky and (in the best way) unable to be trusted."   

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