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J.R.’s Pressure Truck Service Ltd. was incorporated in January of 1993.  We designed and built one of the very first one ton pressure trucks that were modeled after much larger units.  The tank was fully compliant with the Transport Canada regulations that were applicable at the time. Most, if not all other competitors were using plastic, fiberglas or modified fuel tanks on one tons at the time.  This competitive advantage allowed us to get our start.

We built one of the first single axle 4x4 units that could bridge the gap between the large tandem pumpers or hot oilers and the small one ton pumpers.  This proved to be a good market for our services and eventually we built 3 of the single axle 4x4 units. We retired the last of our one tons in 2006 concentrating on the slightly larger trucks.

The fall of 2010 arrived and we brought home another pumper:  a tandem truck with a larger tank and pump and more capabilities.  It is equipped with a 10 cube two compartment tank. 6000 psi or 42 mPa, and 500 lpm pump rates.

Then the fall of 2011 arrived.  Things REALLY changed.  We brought home 3 new pumpers. The first is a tandem axle hot oiler, 500 LPM pump rated to 6000 psi/42 mPa.  The truck is a 2011 Western Star and has a 5.5 million BTU burner on it.  It is equipped with discharge line pipe and hoses, a very capable and safe hot oiler, perfect to support production needs for hot oiling pipelines or well bores.

Another hot oiler but on a larger scale also joined the fleet.  This is a Freightliner Tandem steer and Tridem rear axles. This pump is a 600 hp triplex 10,000 psi / 69 mPa. It pumps almost 1000 liters per minute. This is enough pump to support coil operations and also heat fluid as required. for heating tanks and or frac ponds it has twin 5.5 million btu burners for a total of 11 million btu.  It is equipped with certified 2” 1502 line pipe and discharge hose also.

The last new truck is a Tridem rear axle straight pumper.  This truck also has a 600 hp triplex rated at 69 mPa.  We have a mix tank and agitator perfect to mix pills or sweeps while supporting coil operations.  It is equipped with certified 2” 1502 line pipe and a 69 mPa rated hose.  With an enclosed  operators station and a tandem axle trailer fully equipped as a mobile workshop this truck can support our customers’ needs in any weather or season.

Two of our large pump trucks have mobile data electronic recording systems that allow us to log all the pumping operations including pressures and volumes. We can give them to the company representative via email or thumb drive memory stick.

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