Safety, Health & Environmental Corporate Policy

“General Duty Clause”

J.R.’s Pressure Truck Service Ltd. is committed to conducting its activities in a manner that will ensure, as far as it is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of its employees, contractors, those workers not engaged in the work of J.R.’s Pressure Truck Service Ltd. but present at the work site at which our work is being carried out, prime contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, the public and the environment.

The Company’s policy is solely based upon Management, Supervisors, Foreman, and Safety Coordinator & Employees to:

  1. Ensure employees and contractors will comply with all applicable government regulations, legislation industry guidelines and company standards in the planning, design and operation of J.R.’s Pressure Truck Service Ltd. facilities and equipment.

  1. Provide every employee, representative and/or contractor with a safe and healthy work place through proper training, equipment, programs, procedures and guidelines.

  1. Assess the potential effects of our activities and integrate all reasonable measures that prevent or minimize impacts upon the environment.

  1. Respond promptly and effectively to emergencies in order to minimize their consequences and to protect the public, employees, contractors and the environment.

  1. Communicate openly and fairly, on a timely basis with employees, contractors, the public, and government agencies.

  1. The information in this policy does not take precedence over applicable government legislation, with which all employees should be familiar.

Accident prevention and environmental protection comprise an integral part of any job. It is a joint effort that requires the continuous support of everyone working for J.R.’s Pressure Truck Service Ltd. Safety, health and the environment must be of paramount concern in the planning and execution of every task.


A COR recognizes that the employer’s health and safety management system has been evaluated by a certified auditor and found to meet Partnerships standards.

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